Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Seoul Yummy

We had dinner at Seoul Yummy Korean restaurant at Bugis.  There are combo sets where there is flexibility of mixing and matching mains and sides for a reasonable price.  
For a combo set for 1 person, you could choose your mains (Ramen, Udon, Bibimbab) and there are different variety of sides to choose from (Salmon, Spicy chicken, chicken wings,beef slices etc).

There are also combo for 2 where there are choices of appetisers and seafood or meat, soup, rice and desert.  There is also the army stew combo which comes with appetisers, army stew and desert.

Combo meal 

Your choice of sides, we had the salmon and beef slices

For mains I had the korean rice cake noodle, it was spicy and I think the Bibimbab could have been a safer choice.

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