Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wedding Banquet Packages for hotels and restaurants

Wedding Banquet Packages Bookings

A weekend wedding dinner at a hotel would typically cost $1100 to $1500 per table for a table of 10.
A wedding lunch or weekday wedding dinner can cost 15 to 25% lesser than a weekend dinner.

Firstly, confirm your wedding date
Determine your budget
Determine your minimum number of tables.
Determine if you want a hotel wedding banquet or at a restarant banquet.

Wedding Banquet Lunch or Dinner package would typically consist of

1) 1 barrel of beer
2) 1 bottle of wine per confirm table
3) 70% to 75% of wedding invitiation cards
4) Wedding favor for your guests
5) Theme setup and 2 VIP tables
6) 1 night or 2nights bridal suite/ room stay
7) 1 night helpers room or day use room
8) 8  or 9 couse lunch or dinner
9) Solemnisation room (may incur additional charges)
10) 2 VIP parking lots
11) 25% parking coupons for guests
12) Guest book
13) Ang Pow boxes
14) Projectors
15) Food tasting for 8 to 10 person

For some hotels, it may be possible to negotiate for 1 more night stay, solemnisation room or poolside solemnisation, more wedding invitation cards, more parking coupons.

It may also be possible to negotiate for free flow beer or wine corkage waivers, depending on hotel.

During roadshows or promotions, it may even be able to get 1 table free or be given rebates off your bill.

Look out for credit card promotions/ privileges.

Deposit amount depends on the hotel (typically $3k to $5K, some require 25% of total bill)

There are some posts regarding banquet rates in this blog too, for your reference.

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