Sunday, 16 June 2013

Si Chuan dou hua at UOB plaza

Si Chuan dou hua restaurant is located on the 60th floor of top of UOB plaza at Raffles Place.  They have restaurants at Park Royal on Beach Road and Park Royal on Kitchener Road as well.  The restaurant is crowded on weekends so make your reservations early.

We had the shark fin soup with crab meat, spicy chicken, braised sea cucumber, baked cod fish in miso paste, steam sliced garoupa, scallop with asparagus and they did not disappoint.  It was good and tasty.

The sharks fin soup had generous chunks of crab meat. The steam sliced garoupa was served interestingly wrapped in pandan leaves in a bamboo steamer.
The spicy chicken was really spicy so try it only if you like spicy food.

For desert, we had mango pudding which came nicely presented in dry ice and hashima.

Overall it was a satisfying dinner with a view on top of UOB plaza.

Sharks fin soup with crab meat served individually
sharks fin soup

the really spicy chicken
spicy chicken

Braised sea cucumber
braised sea cucumber

Baked cod fish in miso sauce
baked fish in miso sauce

the steam sliced garoupa

steam sliced garoupa

Scallop with asparagus
scallop with asparagus

The nicely presented mango pudding with dry ice

mango pudding

Hashima for desert


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