Sunday, 16 June 2013

Wedding preparation checklist

There are 101 things to do for your wedding preparation.  It is indeed busy busy busy when your actual day draws near.  Here is a wedding preparation checklist, for your planning.  Keep cool and try not to lose your temper during the preparation.  Smile and be a beautiful bride:)

Date and wedding venue
Confirm the wedding date and book wedding venue 1 to 1.5 years in advance
Have a draft guest list to estimate number of guests.

Bridal studio
Book bridal studio about 1 year in advance

Photographer, videographer
Book photographer and videographer about 1 year in advance

Wedding band
select wedding band 6-9 months in advance

Have the prewedding photoshoot 6 months in advance and choose the photoshoot gowns few months before the photoshoot

Wedding invitation printing
Print the wedding invitations 3-4 months in advance, take note of printing lead time
Ensure sufficient time for mailing/distributing wedding invites.

Actual day gown
Choose your actual day gown about 4 months in advance

Confirm solemniser 6-9 months in advance, file notice of marriage with ROM 3 months in advance

Wedding favor and theme
Confirm and select wedding favours and theme 1-2 months in advance

Menu and food tasting
select menu and have food tasting session 1- 1.5 months in advance

Wedding speech
Prepare wedding speech 1-2 months in advance

Meet bridal party and Emcee
Meet bridal party and emcee 1 - 2 months in advance to brief them on actual day schedule and responsibility

Guest list
confirm guest list 1 month before AD

Guo Da Li
Guo Da Li is usually 2 weeks in advance, so book the cakes and buy Guo Da Li items 2 weeks to 1 month before Guo Da Li

An Chuang
An chuang is usually about 1 week before actual day

Test montage
test montage and any slideshow 1 - 2 weeks before AD at wedding venue

Final fitting 
Final fitting of gowns few days before actual day

Collect gowns
collect wedding gowns few days before actual day

1 day before actual day 
collect bridal bouquet and decorate wedding car 1 day before actual day

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