Thursday, 23 May 2013

Penang Place at Fusionopolis - Penang food buffet

Penang Place at Fusionopolis

The penang buffet spread at Penang Place includes beef rendang, assam fish, assam prawns, nasi lemak, lor bak, honey chicken, belachan chicken, spring roll, assam laksa, prawn noodle soup, rojak and more.  

Desert includes Kueh, ice kacang mango pudding.

Fusionopolis is accessible by train, at the one north station.

It was crowded on weekday lunch.  The penang char kway tiao is good and they top up small portions regularly on the buffet table each time, I guess their chef prepare small portion each time to keep up to standard instead of "mass frying" larger portions.


The tender beef rendang 

 The sour and spicy assam laksa

The prawn noodle soup

 Assam fish

Assam prawn

Nasi lemak condiments

Lor Bak station

Honey Chicken


Besides the char kway tiao, the belachan chicken, beef rendang is good but the salted vege duck soup is not so flavourful.

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