Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tien Court Restaurant at Copthorne King's Hotel

Tien Court Restaurant is located at Copthorne Kings's Hotel at Havelock Road. They serve Cantonese and Sze Chuan cuisine.  This is my second visit to this chinese fine dining restaurant and we tried the lobster noodle, cod fish with crispy bean crumbs and from the Taiwanese menu, braised pork rice.  For wedding banquet at Copthrone King's hotel, the dishes are also served from Tien Court restaurant.

Tien Court restaurant
Tien Court restaurant private room

Tien Court restaurant

Tien Court restaurant

There is a min order of 2 portions for the lobster noodle.  Overall the lobster noodle is nice with a slight ginger taste.  The noodle is "crunchy" but the noodle portion is small.  Each serving comes with half a lobster.
Tien Court lobster noodle

The bean crumbs on the steam cod fish is tasty but the crumbs are little hard.

Steam cod fish with bean crumbs

A small serving of braised pork rice 

Braised pork rice

The edamame has a sesame oil flavor and the chilli shrimp paste is pretty good.

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