Friday, 3 May 2013

Ways to reduce cost and save money on wedding

Ways to save money on wedding
  • Consider a wedding lunch instead of wedding dinner for savings on
Banquet price per table: 15% to 25% off the dinner rate for hotel banquet for as much as $250 - $300 per table or about $7.5K for 30 tables (though ang pows might be lesser for lunch)

save on the lunch buffet at the bride and groom's place since the party will start at the banquet venue and no buffet catering is required for lunch after gatecrash
savings for buffet at both places = $800

savings on wine for a lunch banquet since guest usually drink less for lunch

  • Have your solemnisation on the same day as your banquet for savings on
a separate solemnisation package 
savings: $2.5k

since solemnisation is on the same day, the ROM flower bouquet and groom jacket is not required, trade them for more photos

since solemnisation is on the same day as the banquet, you will not need a separate ROM photography package for the few hours

  • Get the most out of your bridal package and trade in items that you do not need for more photos or reduce the package price
  • Instead of renting a bridal car, borrow one from your relatives or close friend (savings $400+)
  • Attend wedding shows where they are rebates or complimentary tables
  • Use credit card for discounts, rebates or freebies
  • Engage the same company for photography and videography
  • Book an early bird fare or travel fare for honeymoon.  Tour agencies usually raise the tour fair after the min number of person to depart is reached

Negotiate, Bargain, Haggle..

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