Sunday, 26 May 2013

Wedding cost and expenses

How much do you think a wedding will cost?  Here are some of the main wedding expenses:

1) Wedding lunch or dinner banquet
depending on the number of tables and the cost of each table, the banquet can easily cost a near mid 5 digit figure 

2) ROM hi tea, lunch or dinner 
depending on the venue and no of guests, $3-6K est.

3) Bridal studio package
$5-6k est

4) Engagement ring

5) wedding band

6) Buffet lunch at bride and groom's place on actual day

7) Wedding car rental
est $500 -600 

8) Photographer and Videographer
est $3-4K

9) Honeymoon

10) Ang pow for bridal party

11) wedding invite printing

12) Guo da li cakes 

and these expenses are excluding wedding singers, reception canapes, photobooth and house renovation and furnishing.

It works out to a big sum!

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