Tuesday, 6 August 2013


These durable Tupperware products are good for kitchen and food storage use.  They make suitable gifts for house warming and can be used for parties and BBQs.

Outdoor Range/ Bento Box

These tupperwares are great for Bento boxes and for packing food outdoor.  Use this to pack kid's lunch boxes, your lunch to office or as picnic boxes.

B2B slice & store

Instead of buying bottled water, bring your own water, comes in 500ml, 750ml, 1 litre.  Eco bottles are BPA free.
eco bootle spring 500

These water tumblers are BPA free.
thirstbreak tumblers
These toppers and canisters keep goodies crisp and fresh, use them to keep your chips and biscuits.
one touch topper junior
Use this to store food in fridge and reheat lunches in microwave oven
reheatable lunch box divided dish
The totz set training cup, grip bowl, snack cup is BPA free, suitable for 6-18 months.
twinkle totz
Twinkle Kids Set is BPA free, suitable for kids above 18 months.
twinkle kids set 18months
This series is ideal for storage in freezer.
freezer mate medium set
They can be used for storagein lower compartment of fridge.
square round 4
Used for kitchen storage organisation
modular mates rectangular set
A range of products for bodycare, handcare and haircare
hand treatment body lotion
3 stage filtration system filters, purifies and enhances drinking water.
water filtration

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